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Volume 11 (3); 25 May, 2021

Traditional_Iranian_HouseResearch Paper

Forgotten Personal Territories in the Traditional Iranian House: A Critical Reading

Valibeigi M, Danay S, and Mokhtari Y.

J. Civil Eng. Urban., 11(3): 15-24, 2021; pii:S225204302100003-11


This study aims to investigate the critical reading individual areas on traditional Iranian house. The method of this research is a deductive content analysis. This research has done in three steps; preparation, organization and final report or conclusion. First, in the preparation stage, the individual and family territory in Iranian culture is defined. In organization phase, by reviewing plans, maps and visual observations of Iranian houses, individual and family territories is classified. And in the last steps, a conclusion from the situation of privacy and individuality in Iranian house is explained. It seems that family privacy has been the main function of traditional Iranian houses. Despite the spaces which could be as a personal and individuality territories, they didn’t get this functions and individualism and individual values have been forgotten. Accordingly, individuality is not considered as a valuable being who needs his/her own territory, but his/her role is determined in relation to other people and values like veil, purity, cooperation and humility are given importance.
Keywords: Territoriality, Mahram Territories, Space Syntax, Personal Spaces, Traditional Iranian House

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